Trying something new for tonight’s live show

Now that BlogTV has shut down, Heather and I have to find another home for our live shows. Tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern time, we’ll be trying out There may be bugs that we have to work out. The show may not start on time. There may be an inconsistent user experience or inconvenient ads. We may even discover dealbreakers that cause us to throw up our hands and quit the entire venture until we find a better place. But we’re hoping it all works out and that everyone has a good time, as is usual for these shows. Please feel free to join us for this experiment, and we’ll all try to make the best of it.

Trying something new for tonight’s live show

2 thoughts on “Trying something new for tonight’s live show

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    Have you considered Google Hangouts? It’s free, can easily accommodate large groups, and best of all, is really great for managing or incorporating guests or having people ‘dial’ into the show if you want them as a guest speaker. Best of all, you can record the session and push it to YouTube when you’re done as a replay.

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