Please support Greta Christina

Fellow FTB blogger and atheist icon Greta Christina was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer. While the outlook fortunately seems positive, she’ll be unable to work for some time, and has asked for assistance with her living expenses. Greta is one of the most inspiring and insightful leaders of the atheist movement, and I ask that all of you do what you can to help her out during this difficult time. Please contribute what you can, and get the word out online and among your families and friends. If nothing else, send her your messages of support. We’re all pulling for you, Greta.

Please support Greta Christina

One thought on “Please support Greta Christina

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    Done and done. You and Greta Cristina are two shining lights in the world of LGBT activism and ungodliness. I had never really understood what it is to be trans, and I’m glad to take this vicarious journey with you. I learn so much new from every post.

    I’m 66, and I still feel that a day gone by without having learned something new, is a day wasted.

    Thanks for all you’re doing.

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