An especially pointless lie

Matt Barber of the homophobic right-wing Liberty Counsel recently tweeted a photo of a massive crowd gathered at a rally, which he described as “Media report support for Romney dwindling. Media lie”. In no time at all, blogger Jeremy Hooper found that this was not a gathering of Romney supporters, as Barber implied, but actually a photo of an Obama rally from 2008.

What exactly did Barber think he would accomplish with this? To bolster his claim that support for Romney is actually more substantial than is being reported, he had to find a photo of a huge crowd that had not turned out for Romney at all, but rather for Romney’s opponent. It doesn’t get any more self-defeating than that.

An especially pointless lie

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    The (R) really should learn to use tineye (google’s image search) before they post these visual lies. It’ll save them some amount of eating crow. I seem to recall them using a number of stock photos from image vendors and passing them off as supporters or even using images of Asians when they intended to use images of Hispanics.

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