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    Ezekiel 23:20 – New International Version (NIV)
    20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

    In case anyone was wondering.

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    Listened to all of it. Well done. I loved it. Found myself nodding along as usual. I liked that Sarah Anne hosted the video itself, made finding her channel alot easier. There’s some audio feedback but the content was gold.

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      Yes there was a bit of audio feedback but that wasn’t on my end. I guess what I didn’t realize at the time was that ZJ and Heather were using speakers instead of headphones. I thought the feedback was part of the “monitoring loop” and that only I was hearing it. I did my best to try to edit out the feedback but it’s still there.

      Next time whoever I interview will be using headphones and we will not have this problem.

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    At this point I am seriously considering starting a bi-weekly or weekly podcast with rotating hosts (I’ll always have to be one of them since I have the mixer and the extra computer) with a focus on LGBT rights, atheism, and skepticism. I am greatly inspired by the podcast Godless Bitches.

    1. At this moment I need to figure out a few things for this. One we need to find some sort of web hosting for the podcast separate from my blog and sadly at this point I am beyond poor.

    2. I would need to find more hosts for the rotating hosts cause as ZJ said she is quite busy and wouldn’t be able to make every one.

    3. I have been borrowing my mic and the mixer that makes this all possible from the convention that I am the co-equipment head for cause I needed to learn it better but at some point I will need to return it. This means at some point I will need to raise money to get this sort of equipment myself. I can get a similar mixer for $100 and the mic isn’t that expensive but it makes a big difference.


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    Oh one last thing I am working on transcribing this interview for those that need it but I’m finding that it’s taking me quite some time cause it’s all off the cuff and its rather long for someone who has never transcribed anything.

    Thats another point to consider when it comes to a podcast would be if we would like to find someone to transcribe it. I have no problem spending something like the six hour marathon session it was to edit this and I can do that weekly but I don’t want to then turn around and spend the same transcribing it. I think I would burn out rather quickly.

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    Oh and one last last thing. I am currently sending an email to the hosts of “Godless Bitches” asking if any of them would like to be part of a similar interview especially Jen Peeples as we explore more the way our Atheism interacts with our being LGBT+.

    I would love to interview anyone from The Atheist Experiance, Non-Prophets, or Godless Bitches. I’m not trying to discount any of their insights.

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