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Magical Maladies 

Summoning a Demon

Baba Yaga 



Hunting Blackbirds

In New Eden, the Prophet Adam works to purify humanity and bring back the blood of the first man.

Every impurity is tattooed across your skin, to identify you to the world either as a tainted Child of Eve or as a half-human Child of Lilith. Only the Children of Adam live with human names and untattooed skin.

Thrush is the only daughter of a Daughter of Adam and Son of Lilith. Tattooed with the stained lotus of a tainted Child of Eve, she has until the age of 17 to prove herself a true daughter of Adam and be named?

Together with her best friend Lynx, Thrush navigates a world where no flaw is invisible, and makes you less than human. That is until her best friend is kidnapped and the only way to get her back to volunteer to be a player in the Blood Hunt.

Will she be able to save her friend, or will she lose her chance at being human and her life?


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