Who are we?

Ania Onion Bula

Cartoon of Ania hugging a spoon.
Hugging my last spoon.

Ania is a disabled, queer, wibbly-wobbly gendery-wendery, social justice activist who is pro-choice, pro-sex work, and manages to say all that in one breath. She writes about a variety of issues including atheism, sex and sexology, psychology, social justice, and her own struggles with body and health issues.

She has a published book, Young, Sick, and Invisible: A Skeptic’s Journey With Chronic Illness, detailing her experiences with arthritis, Crohn’s and the medical establishment. She is using her disability to skeptically explore areas such as morality, religion, sex, accessibility culture, alternative medicine, and more. The book was crowd funded, and though the fundraiser is finished, she is still accepting donations through the blog.

She started her education in biomedical sciences with intentions of going into medicine. A well-intentioned but poorly informed doctor led her to believe that with her medications and disability, she wouldn’t be able to go to med school. Having taken English as a minor, and quite enjoying the classes, she changed her major after 3 years of studying science. She was now a literature student. In the last semester of her final year of university, she took a psychology of human sexual behaviour class and fell in love. Here finally was a subject she could sink her teeth into. She came back with a new psychology minor. After she finished her Honours Bachelor and minor, money ran out and she wasn’t able to pursue academics further. She continues to study on her own however, pursuing several different areas of interest.


Ania made her speaking debut giving a talk at Eschaton 2012, about how patriarchy is directly responsible for the subjugation of men as well as women by creating false dichotomies and binaries (Why men need feminism too). She gave another talk at Ottawa Skepticamp 2013, addressing sex myths.  She is currently listed in the Secular Women speaker’s bureau.

She has started several blogs in the past including a sex advice blog, a project meant as a support network for victims of sexual assault called the “It’s Not Your Fault Project”, and others. She also write for a rarely updated food blog called The Twisted Ladle.

Someday, she plans to take over the world.


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