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    Thanks for this.

    A few minor points:

    (1) Some guys inject testosterone subcutaneously, which requires a lower dose (and if I recall correctly may ease variability in levels).

    (2) Overall the phalloplasty section seems outdated.

    Phalloplasty does not preclude erotic sensation – – and while complication rates can be high, especially for surgeons who try to do multiple procedures all at once without staging them to allow for healing, it is misleading to leave out the fact that these complications are almost always resolved, often without further surgery.

    Satisfaction rates among phalloplasty patients are over 90% – . Anecdote: of my half-dozen friends who have had the procedure, 100% are very enthusiastic and have erotic sensation and orgasms.

    The most common donor sites for phalloplasty these days are the forearm and the thigh. .

    Overall, I appreciated your presentation and am glad it’s available, but there are a few factual errors and I’m not sure your representation of phalloplasty would meet the trans man subreddit’s criteria for fair and respectful discussion of lower surgery.

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