Happy whatever you celebrate!

My wife and I are hosting my sister for the day, cooking a small ham and playing video games and drinking wine and generally staying off the intertubes. Whatever you have planned for the day, I hope your plans find you and your friends and family in good health, and I hope you enjoy the day.

If you really need something to entertain you today, others around FtB have posted alternative carols, videos of The Muppets, an explanation of the ‘reason for the season’ (what, no axial tilt?), recipes for gingerbread, debunked Virginia’s letter, or talked about Isaac Newton.

I’m going to enjoy my day with my family now, incomplete as that family presence might be. You really should do so too. PZ commanded it last night, I’m commanding it today.

Happy Solstice, Newtonmas, Saturnalia, Festivus, and yes, even Christmas. (Among other festivals that fall on or around this day.)

Happy whatever you celebrate!