Mock The Movie: Warning from Space transcript

Warning from Space - DVD cover

I was hoping for more of an origin story of the alien starfish we met in this movie’s sequel, Attack from Space. Sadly, what we got instead was a handwaved-away “aliens are in orbit around our planet keeping an eye on our blundering ways and infiltrating us from time to time to destroy the technological MacGuffin that’ll be the only way to save the planet in Reel Three … keep us from destroying ourselves by inventing bigger and stronger atom bombs” backstory. It was at least in part intended as a propaganda piece at showing how quickly the Japanese economy bounced back after being all but leveled by nukes in WW2, and in part a power fantasy where Japan gets the next big weapon after the A-bomb. All this, and starfish people. Starfish people who can transform into pop idol girls, but have trouble blending in, what with the ability to do math.


CA7746 provides subtitle files for this, and continues working his way through our archives with Attack from Space, and Frankenstein (2004). Grab the files below, rename them to the same as your copy of the movie with extension .srt, and VLC will probably load them up automatically. Probably. Let me know if you have trouble with it.

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Mock The Movie: Warning from Space transcript

Mock The Movie: Warning from Space

Warning from Space - DVD cover

Tonight! We’ll see all the drama and suspense leading up to the Japanese action film Attack from Space that we’d previously mocked so ruthlessly, when we tackle its cinematic ancestor, Warning from Space. You’ll thrill at giant meteors! You’ll gawk at an alien species completely and totally unlike anything on Earth (except for starfish)! You’ll be left breathless… with laughter!

This one’s free on Youtube and if you want to download an mpg. Though, fair warning, the mockers have found that mockery is facilitated by alcohol, so you might end up incurring other costs from buying booze, or going to the hospital with alcohol poisoning when the pain gets to be too much.

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Mock The Movie: Warning from Space