Time lapse video of aurora borealis from Norway

Via Phil Plait, another absolutely incredible time-lapse video by Terje Sorgjerd.

And one of the neatest parts of the video: a cameo appearance by Vega.

The video was shot at Kirkenes and Pas National Park in northern Norway — yes, northern Norway, around 70° north latitude. As an example, down here at more temperate latitudes, Vega gets pretty high in the sky, almost directly overhead. But that far north it doesn’t; in fact, that far north Vega never sets! It’s a circumpolar star, like Polaris itself. You can see that for yourself in the video: Vega is the bright star near the center of the frame starting at 21 seconds in. It’s in the video for about 10 seconds, and you can see it’s moving downward in a slow arc, but clearly won’t get anywhere near the horizon.

Unbelievable beauty. Just unbelievable. Hell of a way to start the year.

Time lapse video of aurora borealis from Norway