(Some) Insects of Atlantic Canada

Jodi and I were at our nearby mall on Sunday, and they had a great travelling display of mounted insects, live arachnids and frogs, and various herpetological books and doodads at a kiosk in the main plaza. I figured I should take a picture of the one marked “insects of Atlantic Canada” and share it with you.

Mounted insect display
Click to embiggen!

This is obviously not a comprehensive list — it’s missing (at least) the monarch and viceroy butterflies, which were on another display, and any number of common insects that were better served in other mounts. And I cut off the horntail sawfly on the lower left. Whoops.

Maybe next time they swing through, I’ll take pictures of all their bugs — you know, when I don’t have groceries sitting in the car melting. The rhinoceros beetle was impressive, as were all the various metallic wood borers.

My posting this is actually rather timely, as well, as Bug Girl posted this yesterday, making me squee, and I had originally taken the picture explicitly with her in mind.

(Some) Insects of Atlantic Canada