Mock The Movie: Terror in the Haunted House transcript

Both Stephanie and I missed out on this one for various reasons. Looks like participation was exceptionally thin — only three stalwarts mocked this movie. We’re moving our mockery to a once-a-month schedule to help mitigate some of the burn-out we may be experiencing, and it’s looking like presently it will be first Wednesday of every month unless people would like to suggest a better time.

I’m also adding Slugs: The Movie, and Road House, to the mocking list. And I’m going to upload, finally, the last several Subtitle files to the archive page, provided, as always, by CA7746.

@szvan: Mock the Movie: Subliminal Edition: @MockTM With a question on future scheduling.
2013-11-04 17:33:45
@RealEnthusedMTM: @MockTM Road House is perfect for mockery, and it’s available on Netflix streaming.
2013-11-05 22:55:15
@RealEnthusedMTM: @MockTM Slugs: The Movie also looks fun. It’s available on YouTube.
2013-11-05 23:04:09
@MockTM: RT @szvan: Mock the Movie: Subliminal Edition: @MockTM With a question on future scheduling.
2013-11-06 00:02:02
@lousycanuck: @RealEnthusedMTM @MockTM I would mock Road House.
2013-11-06 01:26:50
@lousycanuck: @RealEnthusedMTM @MockTM Adding it to the calendar, which will be mercifully spread out to once a month.
2013-11-06 01:28:22
@leilah: @lousycanuck @RealEnthusedMTM @MockTM Sweet! I haven’t seen Roadhouse and I’ve always wanted to. =)
2013-11-07 01:31:35
@leilah: Go, bus, go! I might even make it in time for @MockTM tonight!
2013-11-07 01:34:23
@leilah: @mocktm It’s in PSYCHORAMA! That’s a promising start.
2013-11-07 02:02:00
@CA7746: @MockTM The credits *are* vaguely unsettling… in a crooked picture frame sort of way.
2013-11-07 02:03:07
@CA7746: @MockTM The inert, silent house has no horror to speak of.
2013-11-07 02:03:47
@CA7746: @MockTM Editing by Tyler Durden. #FightClub
2013-11-07 02:05:16
@leilah: @mocktm America’s my real home too, but I don’t go telling people about it.
2013-11-07 02:06:11
@leilah: @mocktm I’m calling it. He’s evil, quick, kill him now!
2013-11-07 02:08:38
@RealEnthusedMTM: @MockTM “I want to know everything about you: what you do, where you come from, who else you’ve married and plotted to murder.”
2013-11-07 02:10:54
@RealEnthusedMTM: @MockTM “There’s nothing in there that can hurt you, just good old fashioned lead paint and asbestos.”
2013-11-07 02:13:49
@leilah: @mocktm Actually, she’s right. That wallpaper is pretty hideous.
2013-11-07 02:18:03
@CA7746: @MockTM The sheet on that chair vanished. Maybe it was a ghost.
2013-11-07 02:18:16
@lousycanuck: @MockTM Sorry I’m not in this one, folks. Running the scrape bot regardless. Enjoy the mocking without me!
2013-11-07 02:18:30
@leilah: @mocktm Wait, they’re actually going to leave the creepy house? I’ve never seen that done in a horror film… oh, wait. Never mind.
2013-11-07 02:19:51
@CA7746: @MockTM Chair sheet’s back. Spooky.
2013-11-07 02:20:14
@leilah: @mocktm Ok, what the actual fuck? Did that work on audiences back in the day?
2013-11-07 02:24:26
@leilah: @mocktm Weird thing is, I kind of like the film… having it suddenly say “Scream Bloody Murder!” is just distracting.
2013-11-07 02:28:08
@CA7746: @MockTM The cursed allele is homeopathic.
2013-11-07 02:52:26
@leilah: @mocktm He fell over the railing and on to the stairs? That’s ridiculously athletic…
2013-11-07 02:55:34
@CA7746: @MockTM “Say has anybody fed that dog in the cellar…?” “Um, yeah.”
2013-11-07 03:02:56
@leilah: @mocktm Wow, that’s way faster – I can’t believe he didn’t try carrying her up there before!
2013-11-07 03:06:34
@CA7746: @MockTM Of course! it was all so obvious.
2013-11-07 03:12:57
@leilah: @mocktm Ah, _there’s_ the terror!
2013-11-07 03:14:45
@leilah: @mocktm I knew there would have to be some terror eventually. =)
2013-11-07 03:15:09
@CA7746: @MockTM Don’t shoot! You’re not left-handed!
2013-11-07 03:15:49
@leilah: @mocktm …time to get the blood off the walls, the carpet, the axe…
2013-11-07 03:16:41
@leilah: @mocktm Oh come on, it’s hardly the house’s fault!
2013-11-07 03:17:26

Mock The Movie: Terror in the Haunted House transcript
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