12-year-old boy speaks truth to Egyptian power

If this translation is anywhere near accurate, this child could absolutely be, as the title of the video suggests, the next President of Egypt. That is, if he survives that long. He is astoundingly clued-in, and he is possibly the bravest young man I’ve had the honour to see in my entire life, knowing how volatile the Egyptian situation is, and knowing how quick to silence dissent the fascist theocracy is that’s rising to replace the overthrown Morsi.

I fear for his life. That should not be the first reaction a person has to seeing someone contradict power structures. That’s no way to win the hearts and minds of your people, to build a country and a society that will last.

12-year-old boy speaks truth to Egyptian power

2 thoughts on “12-year-old boy speaks truth to Egyptian power

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    Wow. That’s a remarkable young man. I hope he comes through it safe, Egypt will need good reasoners who can communicate well, if they’re to avoid a theocracy.

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    Wow. This kid knows his stuff. Talk about an old head on young shoulders!

    This is one of those moments that reminds me why I still bother having faith in humanity.

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