Royal Thai Navy

I’m pretty much in desperate need of happy-making material at the moment. And yes, the film series in my previous post was quite replete with that (see especially Hugh and Gerald’s story of the First Pride Parade — their story about the police officer’s awe is great). But sometimes it takes a special sort of something to fix my doldrums.

Something like this nuclear bomb of adorableness.

Apparently the Royal Thai Navy’s efforts were instrumental in preserving the otherwise endangered hornbill sea turtles, and they’ve been doing it since 1950.

Royal Thai Navy

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    Awwwwww Turtles! Why you make them so cute when I’m hungry Jason? Now I have to go read the laws in my country banning turtle fishing. But seriously, those turtles can be heavy, and they can take your finger off if stupid humans try to pat them on the head.

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