Candy that tastes like burgers and fries

I present to you, via, for the low price of $4.50, the Happy Kitchen Candy Hamburgers kit direct from Japan. And it apparently tastes like the real thing.

You have to spend precious candy-eating minutes preparing all the parts, including microwaving the burger, bun and fries. It’s part toy, part “food.”


Candy that tastes like burgers and fries
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5 thoughts on “Candy that tastes like burgers and fries

  1. 2

    My sister used to have a set like this, except that it was McDonald’s branded and produced sweet-tasting “hamburgers.” Very odd.

  2. 4

    I’m confused – is there some particular reason to eat the candy instead of an actual (miniature) burger and fries? Do the Japanese lack the freeze-drying technology that would allow them to make something similar in terms of the necessary preparatory effort that didn’t start out as a collection of synthetic powders? Is mixing the powder into a paste the entire point? Maybe it’s an issue of cultural translation – I obviously haven’t been watching the right kind of anime to pick up on the cultural tropes that would allow me to make any sense of this.

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