Immigration + for-profit prisons = profitable racism

This video by Cuéntame is going viral lately. Would be nice if more people realized this is why the immigration “problem”, and the for-profit prison problem, are actually one and the same.

Considering Canada’s building big for-profit megaprisons under Harper’s autocratic rule, how long til we get our own SB1070? We’ve already started the process of importing the War On Some Drugs, and the mandatory minimums that even Texas Conservatives told us won’t work.

We’re not far from this reality.

Immigration + for-profit prisons = profitable racism

2 thoughts on “Immigration + for-profit prisons = profitable racism

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    Are they actually currently building private prisons in Canada or have they announced that they would? Not that I doubt they wouldn’t push for such a thing, but I haven’t heard anything definite that this is already a reality.

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