Anti-woman Republican quotes, spoken by women

Sounds pretty different when women are saying these things, doesn’t it? Sounds more… wrong, somehow.

As though you could get any more wrong than a bunch of stodgy old men legislating or pontificating on how women’s rights need to be abrogated. And all while these rights are being destroyed systematically.

Yeah, when you piss off over half of the voting populace, you’ve got three courses of action: either stop trying to take away their rights, finish the job and also take away their right to vote, or simply accept defeat and withdraw your ideology from the marketplace of ideas. What’s it going to be, GOP?

Anti-woman Republican quotes, spoken by women
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10 thoughts on “Anti-woman Republican quotes, spoken by women

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    The Arizona bill was proposed by a woman. A lot of these bills are proposed and supported by “pro-life” women. Hope y’all have a enough room up there for the rest of us…

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    The Arizona bill was proposed by a woman.

    Probably the worst aspect of societies that have built discrimination into their fabric is how they use the discriminated groups to enforce the status quo. Conservative Christian women seem to do much of the heavy lifting here by both passing the anti-women views forward and by calling into question those of us who rightly point out the harm these policies and views do women.

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    Regardless of how some conservative women may view abortion as an evil, or how contraception is wrong, even how the proper role for a woman is to care for the family…I would hope that the overt, over-the-top, oops-I-forgot-the-family-values-script misogynistic rhetoric that the conservative speakers have been spouting lately, I would hope that even traditional, conservative women are beginning to think, “whoa, wait a minute here….”

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    They used to be much more subtle. I guess they’ve decided that they no longer need to hide their contempt. And the activity is ramping up now that the media has actually been reporting on it.

    Women are organizing, though. is planning a huge rally in the state capitals in April.

    We have a lot of clean up to do.

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    I’m optimistic. The conservative’s uptick in hate mongering is a good thing. We arde fighting them. We are winning. Their recent full on attack against humanity is in fact a defensive attack. If you know you are losing, there is nothing to hold back. Good thing the vast majority of them are sniveling cowards at heart. Brave people don’t denegrate others.

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    I think they are just trying to redefine the conversation. If we are all talking about contraception it is harder to fight for abortion rights.

    If they succeed we squander resources fighting a battle that everyone thought was already over. If they fail and lots of women stop voting republican the GOP might be a thing of the past, or more likely they will need to shift their focus to other things. Seems like a hell of a gamble to me.

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