OWS: Grand Central Station arrests

Protesters have been arrested in Grand Central Station for the grievous crime of… protesting indefinite detention without charges in a public place. What do you want to bet that they’re going to be detained indefinitely without charges?

OWS: Grand Central Station arrests
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9 thoughts on “OWS: Grand Central Station arrests

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    Christ…that’s my city! I routinely go through that place! Figures NYC would be the first place to get hit by this sort of bullshit. I hope I’m able to escape to New Zealand or something soon, because it looks like the country’s about to collapse on itself…fuck.

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    Land of the free, and the home of the brave? Freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate all over the world. The 99% are now the most endangered ‘species’ on the planet.

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    Watched the entire video and there was zero evidence for your claim about why she was arrested. The only things I heard that might be relevant were her saying “sorry” and an officer telling her she had attempted to evade arrest. Nothing on why the police had originally approached her. Perhaps to tell her it was illegal to do what she was doing. Plenty of good reasons not to allow this kind of disruptive behavior. How are people I supposed to hear announcements with all that racket? Looked like it was criminal behavior (like squatting in a park) so it is no surprise a cop will put a stop to it.

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    Here”s a hint for getting my sympathy for being arrested for breaking the law when protesting. Make sure the law you break is unjust, and or the direct object of your protest.

    I’m pretty sure the OWS protestors aren’t against the government setting up parks and preventing unintended uses. I can understand ATV enthusiasts illegally driving over protected wildflower beds in a public park to protest their belief they have a right to do so. That makes some sense. But these OWS types are all for big government and it is hypocritical for them to privatize the parks in this way. If there were not such laws pretty soon public nature preserves will consist of humans, trash, rats and bedbugs.

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    How are people I supposed to hear announcements with all that racket?

    First of all, protests are not supposed to make things easier or convenient for you. Second, um… this was New York right? Grand Street Central Station? Those fucking coms don’t work any goddamn way and good luck hearing the ones that do over the din of the trains and people on a normal day.

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    Guess what. I have caught trains based on hearing a track announcement. Was late and hadn’t gotten to the schedule board yet. Was able to make the train by going directly to the track.

    Second of all the police aren’t there to make it convenient for protestors. Announcements aren’t just for my personal convenience and are often about everyone’s safety. Besides, what gives them the right to go out of their way to inconvenience me in the first place? There is nothing preventing them from acting appropriately.

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    Besides, what gives them the right to go out of their way to inconvenience me in the first place?

    The right to protest?

    I have caught trains based on hearing a track announcement.

    Bully for you. I’m sure if it was as important as you say you’d be more upset over the poor intercom systems throughout the NYC subway than you are at a group peacefully protesting.

    And if you can’t fucking get onto the right train because a group was being loud and boisterous nearby you’re never going to catch a train anywhere in NYC.

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    Funny thing about rights.. your rights to protest are not more important than my right to listen to the announcements by the train station.The train station is there for my purpose to get from one point to another, not made for your right to upset peoples travel plans. You people are not about rights.

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    hey, fucknuts, guess what it means to protest? But I guess you boyos are the kind that get all up in arms when transit workers, teachers or people that make the city run smoother strike.

    A protest is meant to be disruptive. It is meant to inconvenience people. That’s the way they work. That’s the only way the can work. Please, bring your gun next time you see some protesters. I will bring mine and we can see just how much worse a protest can get.

    This is peaceful. Nothing is keeping you from getting anywhere other than your own lazyfuckitude. With how many buses, trains and taxis are in Manhattan, a bunch of people at Grand Central Terminal isn’t going to make you late for work, fucksticks.

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