The 2011 Lousy Year in Review

Happy new year, everyone! Hope 2012, the Year Of Doom, finds you hale and hardy. Remember, rinse your mouth out with water and wait fifteen minutes before brushing your teeth after you’ve vomited, or you’ll wreck the enamel on your teeth. Of course, the same advice goes for after eating an orange, so there’s that.

This is my first time trying something like this. I’ve been blogging since May 2008, and yet I don’t think I’ve ever once gone through my previous posts and highlighted a few things per month like most other bloggers have a habit of doing. This lack of introspection is inexcusable, of course. So, I’ll try right now.

I went to Science Online 2011 in Raleigh, North Carolina. I met Noisy Astronomer, among dozens of other awesome people. I also tussled briefly with Daniel Fincke of Camels with Hammers. Don’t worry, we’re totes bros now.

My darling wife and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. I also did not spot a larger trend in culture with regard to forcing women to be babymakers.

I shattered a few commenter’s dreams when I revealed that the Supermoon not only didn’t cause the Japan earthquake, it also doesn’t create super-werewolves. After crushing their dreams, I went on to unilaterally proclaim presuppositional apologetics to be intellectually bereft, and met with no real resistance to my edict.

Around birthday-time, I paid for an upgrade to my work phone and got myself an iPhone 4. Since then, I’ve found myself significantly more able to actually use my phone for things other than making phone calls. Hooray technology! Also, I waxed politic about my liberal leanings, explaining at length why despite so many conservative ideals being so common-sensical, I lean the other way.

Canada succumbed to a majority Conservative government, the Rapture didn’t happen but people still died, and I was sorely disappointed when a commenter challenged me to defend the idea that the Qu’ran anticipated science and I did a long research post to show otherwise, but the commenter disappeared, meaning I wasted all those words on that troll for nothing. Le sigh.

I accidentally stole Stephanie Zvan’s mojo in building a linking post to her that got more hits than her original, where I accused Satoshi Kanazawa and his defenders of probable racism outright. I also intentionally trolled both gays and religious folks simultaneously, and posted a video of an arachnid houseguest.

I FINALLY weighed in on the Dublin elevator incident in my first Problem with Privilege post, and followed up with four more within the next few weeks. I also dealt with a case of mistaken identity via poor typing skills, with all the hilarious fallout that entailed.

Dennis Markuze got sent to a psych evaluation after his years-long spamming campaign, I had a protracted argument about how we can know anything about the abiogenesis event that occurred here on Earth, and lamented the pushback from hate groups over “It Gets Better”.

Holy fucking shit I joined Freethought Blogs. Also, I took on Quantum Jumping, explained ad hominems, and raised a stir by suggesting maybe we shouldn’t depict the violent and bloody deaths of our political opponents.

Got to meet James Randi albeit briefly, wrote more on the Problem with Privilege posts dealing with absurd levels of hyperskepticism, registered my concerns regarding the whitewashing of the live-action Akira movie, and got called irrational repeatedly regarding gun control. I also denied that the term “lady” is de facto misogynist, proving myself a total mandudebro.

I really ramped up my red-meat blogging here, despite visiting Minnesota. Started a long takedown of Mike Adams’ anti-skeptic paean, showed that ending the Canadian long gun registry would mean more domestic murder, complained about the oversexualization of female video game characters, took aim at The Canadian’s espousing of exopolitics, and the terrible treatment of girls on the internet just because they’re girls. And I still managed to keep up my blogging during our trip to Minnesota for the American Thanksgiving.

Another really busy month, and really recent, so I’ll post only highlights. I drank my face off in Minneapolis and posted the results for science, Peter Kent was a piece of shit, we got a taste of the Higgs boson but STILL keep calling it ‘the God Particle’, I defended the idea that one can be a feminist if one is male, and have an ongoing fight over whether you need to act like a feminist to be a feminist in the comments on my post about Rebecca Watson being polarizing. This last one you should probably get in on and register your opinion while there are still trolls about.

These last few months have really benefited from being on FtB, where I’ve stepped up my posting schedule and content quality to keep up with the big dogs. How do you figure I’ve managed, gentle readers?

The 2011 Lousy Year in Review
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    A great rundown of a crazy year, Jason, just watch out for those wacky Mayans, especially come December of this one!

    Happy Gregorio-centric New Year 😉

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