Marieke Hardy apparently incorrectly named the man who calls her things

A while back, in my post The General Pushback against Misogynist Trolls Begins, I mentioned an incident where Marieke Hardy, a screen writer from Australia, has endured a years-long hate campaign by a particularly vicious little misogynist troll. She posted the name Joshua Meggitt in a post supporting the Twitter #mencallmethings hashtag, only it turns out that naming was premature. On her blog today, the following post appeared, under the title Apology:

For over five years I have been the victim of a hate blog against me. On 9 November 2011 I incorrectly identified Joshua Meggitt on this site as the man responsible for writing that blog. I accept that Joshua is not the writer and I sincerely apologise to him and his family for any upset caused.

While I strongly suspect her post this morning is at least in part due to a legal challenge by Meggitt and his friends and family, I accept that she has been shown somehow that the evidence she thought she had against him was incorrect. Given that none of us have seen said evidence, we had only her word to go on that Meggitt was responsible to begin with, so her contrition today must be taken in good faith in the same sort of vacuum.

And since I seem to have become well-indexed on Google for search terms regarding this incident, I thought it was only fair I post the apology as well.

Marieke Hardy apparently incorrectly named the man who calls her things

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