God wants fresher stand-up material

Via Everything Is Terrible, this stand-up routine — err, church sermon — umm, I’m not sure which this is supposed to be. One, the other, or both. Below the fold in case it autoplays. I like Vimeo and all, I just don’t trust it.

GOD WANTS WHAT? from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

In my own theological perspective, any god that is the “maximal perfection” would endow his followers with pitch-perfect ability to convince new adherents. They would also be able to entertain the crowd perfectly, given that this god would know every single human being’s minds, and would recognize exactly the perfect jokes for not just the crowd present, but every person who would ever stumble across it. Since I stumbled across it, and was not floored with laughter, my hypothesized maximally perfect god evidently does not exist.

The god hypothesized in this video, on the other hand, could. A maximally perfect lecher. What other god would create such a sexist set of rules and favor so heavily one gender over all others?

God wants fresher stand-up material

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