Blog entering low-power mode now.

The big blog server migration went about as close to swimmingly for me as can be expected given the nature of the debacle. Two posts and a handful of comments gone, and that’s about it. Thankfully I don’t get nearly as much traffic as Ed or PZ, though I’m certainly getting a hell of a lot more comments and traffic here than at my old self-hosted domicile, so I’m not surprised I didn’t totally escape the fallout from that mess.

Jodi and I are making a trip out to Minnesota to spend the American Thanksgiving with our extended family, the Zvans. They are our extended family not by blood, but by choice. And I expect to get very very fat off the rampant gluttony attendant to this holiday, should my metabolism so allow. It doesn’t usually. Somehow despite eating like a pig and hardly exercising near as much as I should, I’m still an ectomorph. If I worked out, I’d end up looking like Spider-Man, not Batman. As it stands, I’m just Peter Parker pre-bite.

Additionally, I have to beta-read a novel for Kelly McCullough; the third book in a series whose first book (Broken Blade) is about to hit the bookshelves in time for the Christmas rush. So I expect I’m going to need to get very lost in that book this week, in between the pressures of getting work to a position where it can coast for the duration of my vacation.

Of course, Stephanie’s a blogger too, so I fully expect nobody will be offended if I sneak off now and again to throw stuff onto the blog. So during the next two weeks or so, I will try my damnedest to keep bringing you lots of little oddities that I find, but I don’t know how much meat I’ll be able to add to them. I want to keep putting up at least a post a day, though. Feel free to send me stuff to serve as extra content, whenever you find something cool or meme-worthy. The more I can crowd-source my blog content, the happier we’ll all be!

Blog entering low-power mode now.

4 thoughts on “Blog entering low-power mode now.

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    I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but we didn’t get together for the Canadian Thanksgiving. Not like we REALLY need the excuse to be gluttons together when we do get together, though.

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    so you know Kelly, eh? i have known him over a decade because i went to grad school with his wife. now she is my boss–what a slave driver! 🙂

    she asked me if i wanted to beta read the novel too, but i hadn’t read the previous ones so i wouldn’t have had much useful input. i can’t even capitalize sentences properly.

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