Evolution of GTA

Grant Theft Auto 3.5: San Andreas is widely regarded as the best GTA game ever made. So, since GTA 5 is set in Los Santos, one of the towns from San Andreas, some wag with a video editor and the capability of inserting Comic Sans floating text decided to remake the new game’s trailer in the old game’s engine.

I love the part where in the San Andreas engine the player tries to punch a guy and misses — it’s at the part in the GTA 5 trailer where a pedestrian is shoved and hits the ground face-first.

Evolution of GTA

3 thoughts on “Evolution of GTA

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    I’ve got to stop loading articles that involve GTA, every time I see some mention of 5 I’m bouncing excitedly & impatiently in my seat. Worst of all is the estimate that it won’t be out till october next year…

    It’s a damned nice bit of work replicating the trailer in the SA engine though

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