God: “It Getteth Better”

An absolutely shameless marketing strategy by Simon & Schuster to promote A Last Testament: A Memoir By God. But I’ll bite, because it’s sacrelicious.

Also, there’s a great little scuffle going on right now between Simon and Schuster and the National Organization for Marriage. NOM is DEEPLY OFFENDED by this, and has reuploaded the video to their own Youtube account rather than contributing to the S&S account’s hit counts by embedding the original. They evidently have a long history of swiping copyrighted material without proper attribution or permission from the authors.

God: “It Getteth Better”

2 thoughts on “God: “It Getteth Better”

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    Given that his favourite country is allowing gays to be just like real people and governor Perry prayed for rain months ago and now Italy and Thailand are playing submarines, that “quote” from the big sky fairy isn’t a hoax.

    Perhaps gawd needs new glasses and to reset his clocks to standard time.

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