Thank you note from the Stanley Cup Challenge

A thank you note hit my inbox from the Donors Choose challenge that I’d highlighted, asking for donations to give kids in Seattle some hockey equipment. Mr. Mauch writes:

Thank you all so much! I know my students will be stoked. We played in the past with a foam hockey set that was shared among 10 other schools. Broken or dilapitated sticks over the past couple years have made it difficult to play and now we don’t play anymore.
Students loved playing it in the past and your generosity in funding this project will bring renewed excitement and ownership of the equipment we will be able to use any time we choose.
Thank you again for your support.

With gratitude,
Mr. M

Thought you folks would like to know, given that my reader, John, gave the last $116 they needed to put this one over the top. Cheers!

Thank you note from the Stanley Cup Challenge