TAM talk: The Future of Space

Phil Plait, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Close Personal Friend (total overstatement) Pamela Gay, Bill Nye and Lawrence Krauss. Together on the same stage. Talking about space. For fifty three glorious minutes.

I just peed myself with joy.

TAM Panel – Our Future in Space from JREF on Vimeo.

TAM talk: The Future of Space

4 thoughts on “TAM talk: The Future of Space

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    I think Krauss makes a lot of sense around 36 minutes in the video. With improved video (maybe 3D?) and audio on these robot missions, the “coolness” factor might be enough to make up for the lack of “riskiness” factor of sending out people.

    And while I agree with DeGrasse Tyson’s rebuttal that there is enough money to spend on people and it’s more an issue of priorities, I don’t agree that it is that wise investment. (Yes, the US government misspends. I get that. We spend too much, too, though.)

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