potholer54 on science media

Using an example of FOX “News” science reporting, among other such examples, potholer54 (aka Peter Hadfield) explains how to dig for information in science media. He also takes the media to task for their incomplete, inaccurate, or otherwise suspicious interpretations or misrepresentations of actual science. Use this as a primer on how to debunk the Cliff Clavens of the science blogosphere.

The specific example potholer54 gives about FOX News reporting that Mars’ red coloration being due to an ancient civilization that nuked itself out of existence sounds very suspiciously like the plot to Rocketship X-M.

potholer54 on science media

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    I love that we are now seeing “scientists to the rescue” per anti anti-science shenanigans like Project Steve and the Texas climatologists demanding their names be removed from reports that were altered and misrepresented by Perry.

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