Through Hardship, To The Stars

I love NASA’s The Sagan Series, done by Youtube user damewse.

We are capable of so much. A mere hundred thousand years ago, we were just climbing down from the trees. We probably reached behavioral modernity about fifty thousand years ago. As a species, we are still in our infancy and we’re already exploring the raggedy edge of space. It’s dangerous. It’s deadly. And it’s so worth it.

I hope we climb back out of this pit we’ve fallen into, where exploring space is a far lower priority than developing weaponry to attack one another.

Through Hardship, To The Stars
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One thought on “Through Hardship, To The Stars

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    Enjoy the blog, and thanks for the reference to the youtube series. Its good.

    However, S. tchadensis (the nearest fossil we have to an LCA with chimps), was 7 million years ago. Australopithecus Africanus (~3.6 million years ago) was fully bipedal, based on spinal changes. The older known anatomically modern human (AMH) fossils are 200,000 years old.

    Although the timeline is a little more drawn out, I don’t think it diminishes from the point you were making. I love being at a point in history where we are constructing an accurate understanding of our past, and we still have so much more to look forward to in our future. People can be, and as a species we have been, awesome.

    Here’s hoping that in 200,000 years some descendant of AMH will be around to appreciate us and the challenges we faced, like I do with so many people in the past.

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