How do you pitch “ban all religions”?

Still a little overwhelmed by some crazy projects with work, and yeah, I’m working through the weekend. Such is the life of an IT professional. At least I’m getting to sleep in my own bed, despite exhortations by my colleagues that I should tell my wife that I’ll see her Tuesday.

Only two PR companies took up the challenge when Australian TV show The Pitch, a show asking PR companies to attempt to “sell the unsellable”, asked how people might pitch banning all religion. I guess everyone else was too scared to take a stab at it. Or too religious.

I’m sorry, no spoilers or anything, but what a bullshit decision. What do you think?

Pre-publishing edit: damn and blast, this is what you get for blogging ahead. Blue Collar Atheist beat me to it. ‘E’s a good Bruce, ‘e is, and he’s written a book too.

How do you pitch “ban all religions”?

5 thoughts on “How do you pitch “ban all religions”?

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    I don’t understand your statement “what a bullshit decision” ~ do you mean on the part of the agencies who declined ?

    As you know, this is just an Aussie TV game show ~ there’s no real moral crisis involved here. If you ran an ad agency with a lot of conservative clients you would be crazy to pitch banning religion just for a show.

  2. 3

    I liked both of them so I didn’t feel ripped off by the split decision. I think the second one would appeal more to the fundamentally religious while the first would be for the liberal ones.

  3. 5

    A point of clarification: the show is called “The Gruen Transfer”; the segment on the show is called “The Pitch”.

    Also, I preferred the first.

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