Fox Newscorp Ticker Hacked! Maybe.

If this is real, it’s impressive. I’m a little concerned for the safety of the accomplices, though, especially with the girl’s face clearly visible on camera. And of course, the “uprising” message seems a bit too… I dunno. Inflammatory? I suppose it’s sort of the modus operandi for a country as steeped as it is in violent rhetoric.

Update: The more I watch this, the more I think it’s fake. The pedestrians’ reactions are too unimpressed and Adobe AfterEffects is certainly capable of this sort of thing, regardless of how still you’re (not) holding the camera. The before/after text could easily both have been inserted into the video. So, pretty actress hired to make a video intended to go viral?

Hat tip Alternet.

Fox Newscorp Ticker Hacked! Maybe.

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