Hey Elon: never mind Mars for now. Put us in a car first!

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, vows in this clip to put humans on Mars within 20 years. I’d love to know why this is his priority, given that Tesla has never had a profitable quarter and has sold less than a thousand cars. They recalled ~460 of them due to a backup 12v wire design flaw which caused a short and possibly a fire. They just started down the dark side of litigious behaviour, the evil temptation to which SCO succumbed when they decided to spuriously sue everyone and their dogs over Linux. And they really need to finish their plant in LA and start getting cars out the door for a low enough price that they start turning a real profitt.

Don’t get me wrong. I love any spunky little startup that plans on making it big riding the green wave into the future. But announcing pie-in-the-sky plans like this do nothing for any of their current projects and they simply act as hype generators outside the scope of what’s reasonable to expect from them.

Hey Elon: never mind Mars for now. Put us in a car first!

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