River Glitchy Ransom

When I was a kid, River City Ransom was probably my favorite game on the NES. I had picked it up at a yard sale, and still have the instruction manual kicking around someplace — in tatters, with notes on where to get some items and how to do some sweet (and crazy) moves. Easily the best $5 spent during my entire adolescence. Check this video out — this is a demo video “speedrun” aimed more at showing off how diverse the engine was, than in beating the game at all quickly. Aside from some of the more crazy “disappear and warp all over the area in a hundred pieces” type glitches, every one of these moves is not only possible but likely to be seen in a real session.

Oh, to be a kid again. Hey, wait… they make these things called “emulators” now… hmm…

River Glitchy Ransom

2 thoughts on “River Glitchy Ransom

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    Check, check and check. Found the demo for Scott Pilgrim to be fun, and close to RCR, but not quite it. Will likely buy the full version soon anyway.

    RCR Ex seemed… I dunno. Limited. Felt like playing Double Dragon, in comparison. Not a bad game, but it was like they tried to “tighten up” the engine and lost a lot of its charm.

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