So do all sinners live around the ring of fire, or what?

So what the hell am I doing in Nova Scotia, knowing that I’m a sinner? I ought to get me to someplace on the Ring of Fire so God’s smiting hand can actually reach me.

Seriously, WTF.

The user, TamTamPamela, closed her account. So you don’t get the full effect of the ten minutes of rambling effusiveness of how awesome it was that God smashed Japan. The Thunderf00t video will have to suffice, tempered as it is with rationality.

So do all sinners live around the ring of fire, or what?
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7 thoughts on “So do all sinners live around the ring of fire, or what?

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    THIS chick isn’t serious, as it turns out. That YOU couldn’t tell, says even more.

    How often do people pray for disasters to befall whole categories of people, or congratulate God on a job well done when certain disasters befall humanity? My major quarrel has never been with people like yourself, Daniel, rational people who happen to have come to an emotion-based decision to throw in with some particular theistic belief. My quarrel has always been with people like Pat Robertson who claims God smote New Orleans because of gays, people like Fred Phelps who claims to know what God hates and doesn’t hate, people like that new crew that says the Rapture’s going to happen on May 11th, people who claim that the Earth is only 6000 years old and therefore we can’t possibly be outstripping God’s given resources, etc. It’s the people who throw all rationality out the window in toto, replacing it with conclusions drawn from an illiberal reading of the Bible and applying it to reality in such a way that one can’t tell when someone is being serious or not if they talk about praying for destruction.

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    The sad thing, as has been said, is that no one could tell she wasn’t serious. Which means that all of us know people (or at least know OF people) who would react exactly like this (Tim LeHaye, anyone?).

    But of course, those people are all up in arms railing against this girl – when in reality, they were agreeing with her before she was outed as a troll.

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    Wow. Even with some understanding of Poe’s law, it still wasn’t easy to tell she was being a troll just by seeing the segment featuring her rambling. If I hadn’t heard of her being outed beforehand, and the additional footage by TF, I can’t be too sure I’d have had her pegged. Still, even as a parody, this was just horrific and thoroughly unfunny on her part. I understand she’s been subjected to the good ‘ole pizza-blitz for her efforts, as if peeps are saying, “Desist. We know where you live, chump.”

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