Kiai Master vs Skeptic

Look, I don’t normally watch fights, much less participate in them. I’ve enjoyed some MMA in the past, and I enjoy video games with a violent bent from time to time, but I couldn’t bring myself to punch or knee someone repeatedly, especially when the other person is clearly unequipped to actually fight back. This… this is just one-sided.

Still though. $5000, for less than a minute of punching a guy in the face, while he waves his hands at me believing he’s manipulating chi? I might do it, even despite my tendencies to avoid pugilism. I mean, I could use the money. And I’d even give a little bit of it back to help him fix his broken nose.

Addendum: Apparently Brian Dunning mentioned this specific video over at Skeptoid recently. And here I wrote this before Googling “kiai master”, hoping to find some sort of shrine to this dude’s touted abilities.

Kiai Master vs Skeptic

8 thoughts on “Kiai Master vs Skeptic

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    Also from the “don’t try this at home” library:

    Philippino martial arts expert uses ritual and the power of chi to protect himself from a blow from his own razor sharp machete (kinda).

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    Holy shit. I thought for sure he’d back out at the last second… but he actually chopped himself right down to the bone. Fair warning people — that’s not for the squeamish. Very squicky.

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    Somehow I feel that’s a good analogy for how prayer works against cancer. Go ahead folks; pray that it isn’t actually going to kick your ass and see how far that gets you.

    Another classic martial arts failure is this capoeira fighter who seems to forget that he’s there to fight, not dance:

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    Gahaha! At least according to the comments on the Youtube video, that’s from the movie Never Back Down, but I haven’t seen it so I can’t confirm. Still. Hilarious.

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    Hey now, Capoeira doesn’t have much of a woo element despite its absolute failing as a legit martial art versus other martial arts. Its an all or nothing distraction technique, which can help in some situations but is disastrous most of the time. For an example of how it’s supposed to work (yet rarely does) check it here.

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    I’ve been watching the UFC since it started back in 1993, but there’s just something about watching a deluded old man have his face pounded it because his magic powers have failed him that makes me wince.
    Just like prayer warriors, psychics and astrologers, how self-deluded do you have to be to believe this shit actually works?

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