25 blasphemous quotes

It’s quite illustrative to note that quote number one was said by the character Jesus Christ in the New Testament, the famous fan-fiction of the Jewish Torah (thereafter known by Christians as the “Old Testament” and by Muslims, who wrote their own fan-fiction, as “The Divine Book”).

I also have a fondness for quote number 24 for illustrative purposes. Tell me there’s not a double standard going on here. Anything anyone says can be construed as blasphemous to anyone else, but pointing out flaws in others’ ideas is not tantamount to trampling that person’s right to believe those ideas. Blasphemy laws are ridiculous and antithetical to human rights. Sure, protect people from harassment, mistreatment, etc., on the basis of their religion. But the religion itself must absolutely not piggyback on that protection.

People deserve respect, ideas do not. If we could agree on that, maybe we could move on past this childish notion of blasphemy. And yeah, that knife cuts both ways. Anyone who disagrees with that statement will have my support in their right to say so, but most assuredly will not have their ideas supported in the same way.

25 blasphemous quotes

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    Well, I hear that Twain’s autobiography is less a biography and more a daily journal of random, disconnected thoughts about stuff that he happened to think. Written over 25 years. No big surprise it’s gigantic.

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