Zombie death windpocalypse

So… we survived the apocalypse. Ben and Stephanie avoided a snowpocalypse in Minneapolis in their vacation to the Maritimes, but couldn’t avoid a low pressure system that brought winds up to 100km/h on Monday. It was pretty doomy though. Signs exploded, trees fell, roofs took flight, the dead rose and feasted upon the living… pretty doomy. Ayup. We survived it, with booze and delicious cake. And blunt instruments to fend off the undead hordes.

This morning, we surveyed the damage. The view off my deck:

But wait, there’s more!

The little section of fence we had left to support the grapevine that had been growing in our back yard was soundly crushed by that tree. I went around it to get a better view.

Just missed the deck by inches. I suspect some of the branches snapped off on the railing though, because the barbecue was moved almost a foot and there were many branches taking up its previous position. As you can see, the fence is a mess.

You can also, if you look up, see something else amiss in that picture. One of the trees hit our roof, too. It was pretty frightening when it happened… well, jarring anyway. We hear a large crack, I say “there goes a tree.” We feel a large thump as the whole house shakes. “Holy shit on a stick, that tree just hit our house!” See? Jarring. We were jarred.

Didn’t hit our tiny vinyl shed — the house protected it. Good thing for that! Well, so long as the damage is minimal.

Looks like it pretty much landed right on the peak of the roof. I’m not sure if that means we incurred less or more damage than we could have, but either way, it doesn’t look horrible.

But that wasn’t the end of the damage. On the other side of the house, there was more carnage to be seen.

It tore off some of the skirting that I had previously removed and replaced when we’d had some plumbing issues. Going to have to put that back on later today.

The tree that’s leaning on the roof will be cut down by the NS arborists sometime today, and we’ve already mostly chopped up and dragged the first tree by the deck out to the side of the road. Then the third tree. We’ll be cleaning up for a while.

All told, about eight trees in the whole park fell. Three were almost aiming for us. A few trees that had satellite receivers nailed to them are now on the ground — bet they’re out of alignment now.

We mostly survived the night by drinking various kinds of booze, and eating delicious devil’s food cake with cream cheese frosting. That Stephanie just finished frosting two minutes before the power went out. Power was out for almost twenty hours. One of the park residents still doesn’t have power, as a tree had come down across his power mast — he had to be disconnected from the main power line so the rest of us could get power. We appreciate his sacrifice.

Amusingly, two hours after the tree had hit our roof, the volunteer fire department made their rounds suggesting we evacuate due to the risk of falling trees. At that point, one already had hit us, and they were all falling in the same direction, so I figured we were mostly protected. Granted, there was one very large one right outside our bedroom window that could easily have fallen and destroyed our bedroom, or (more likely) our car, but that just made for an adrenaline-filled attempt at sleeping for the rest of the night. It’s still intact. So’s the car. The trees are a write-off, though.

Zombie death windpocalypse
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5 thoughts on “Zombie death windpocalypse

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    Quite an amazing night! I saw the radar for your area, and reports of 140km/h winds not far away from you.

    I guess someone was watching over y… Wait a second… I can’t say that!


  2. 3

    Wow, you guys got hit hard. Glad everyone’s well and hope the house didn’t sustain any damage.

    By the way, you guys live in a a beautiful wooded area.

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