Happy belated Carl Sagan Day!

I’d love to blog about the major open-source project I’ve got going on for a company with which I’m affiliated, but frankly, I’ve been expending so much energy on it, that I have hardly any energy left at the end of the day to blog about what I’ve done. Suffice it to say, all but the administration web interface (which I’m writing myself — I love PHP coding, and get to do far too little of it) consists of existing open-source components, put together in infinitely clever ways and integrated into our existing ActiveDirectory domain. I’ll detail all the parts I’ve used in a future post, and how to glue them together. The code I’ve developed for the project probably can’t be released, but all the software that’s open-source is certainly fair game.

For now, I should point out that evidently I am not a particularly good apostle of Science Jesus, aka Carl Sagan, as I missed out on marking yesterday being Carl Sagan Day. It marks the 76th anniversary of Carl Sagan’s birth — if he hadn’t died at 62, he might easily have been alive to see the discovery of Earth-like exoplanets, and groundbreaking research on comets. And who knows what’s to come? The future is inscrutable, at least until it’s the present.

Happy belated Carl Sagan Day!

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