George Takei is my hero.

And Clint McCance is indeed a douchebag.

Have to say I agree with carr2d2 though. There is no problem in this world too large or too serious that some idiot won’t make a We Are The World style song about it. And there is no end to the people who will love it, despite how utterly insipid and cloying it is. Or who will purchase it on iTunes to support the cause, then never listen to it again. If you were to spend that $1.99 on a direct donation to The Trevor Project, maybe people would stop making We Are The World songs.

Now how would I get the word out that We Are The World songs need to be ended? Hmm… Maybe I need to write a song of some sort…

George Takei is my hero.
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4 thoughts on “George Takei is my hero.

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    Okay, I’m not any happier about insipid music than anyone else. However…

    These people, no matter their artistic merits or general current relevance, are somebody’s heroes. And their demographic isn’t the younger generation who are mostly looking around them and asking why anyone’s remotely worried about homosexuality (even as a minority of them are encouraged to make gay kids’ lives a living hell). If these musicians can reach part of the adult audience and make them even momentarily less apathetic than they currently are, they’ve done a service. I’ll give them full credit for that.

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    But nothing says really fucking cool like a bunch of aging music stars getting together and singing an insipid, trite little cliché of a song so as to inflate their egos and make them feel relevant. I mean hell, that’s better than Sting making an album for Victoria’s fucking Secret.

    Hmmm…I wonder if we could get several of those artists to shut the fuck up and quit trying, as a sponsorship for charity. There are no few of them I would love to see just go away.

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    Seriously dude, hope from annoying places is still hope. If there’s some gay kid out there who worships Justin Beiber, and that’s what will get to them? No amount of wanting to punch Justin Bieber is going to make me feel he should be discouraged from putting work to that cause in the name of hope. Especially if people will pay money for it instead of nodding their heads and saying “thats so true.” The world doesn’t have enough awesome people that we have the luxury of only them supporting our ideals. As we say in the gaming biz “we want dump peoples money too.” 🙂

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