inFamous 2 – 4 minutes of gameplay footage

I just beat inFamous, the good path only, and started playing GTA4 immediately thereafter. I’m already finding myself missing the ability to climb everything in the entire damn city, throw lightning sticky grenades, hover, and generally be a one-man army. But there were a few shortcomings in the game. Like how the melee system consisted of a single five-hit combo. Or how induction grinding hardly worked to get you from point A to point B, except under some very specific circumstances. Or how the story mode basically consisted of “go here, beat up these people on the way”. Or how every power was basically an FPS weapon made out of electricity, with precious little actual variety in the powers. Or how Cole’s head was basically Niko Bellic’s, and his voice like gravel in a blender.

Seems Sucker Punch went and changed it all for inFamous 2. And for the better, thankfully. On every front imaginable.


It had better not come out before I bother doing the evil karma route of inFamous 1. Otherwise, it’s never happening.

There’s something I ought to post about sometime soon. The karma systems in video games. I know a few people who have some big complaints, that wouldn’t hurt to integrate into an overarching review of the whole concept. And what it could be, and how poorly implemented and ultimately disappointing it always seems to be.


inFamous 2 – 4 minutes of gameplay footage

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