News flash: global warming is really happening.

Despite people’s insistence that it isn’t, the climate is really changing, and certain animals dependent on certain climates are being squeezed out. Natural selection is going to kick in, and in a big way. These walruses are pretty much screwed, for instance.

We’ve only been screaming about global warming for decades. The more ground the anti-science crowd gains in pushing the truth out of the public sphere, the less prepared we are for the consequences: more, and more violent, inclement weather patterns; less potable water; lower crop yields; and resource wars. And that’s just with the predicted minimum two degrees centigrade warming that we absolutely cannot avoid.

Hat tip to Greg Laden, who includes a LOLrus in his post, bringing real gravitas to the seriousness of this issue.

News flash: global warming is really happening.

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    It is Rocktober and inSacramento it’s still in the 90’s. Good for short shorts and tube tops, but back for all “Gods creatures” that depend on the changing seasons…and…and, good luck to UR hockey team this season. Go Phoney Niner’s (that’s American football, yo.)


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