Danger, danger! High voltage!

This is amazing. A guy in a faraday cage suit, inspecting high-voltage wires from the outside of a helicopter, or by shimmying along them like a rope bridge. I sure as hell couldn’t do it.

The original video I’d embedded, just got disabled for embedding — you can view it right here. And there are more videos by the FlyingLineman on his Youtube channel.

Hat tip to Dan J of Relatively Unrelated for tweeting this link earlier. Unbelievable.

Danger, danger! High voltage!
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3 thoughts on “Danger, danger! High voltage!

  1. 1

    I love his line at the end:

    There’s only three things I’ve ever been afraid of: electricity, heights, and women. And I’m married, too.

    The heights definitely bother me. I get vertigo by climbing the tall buildings in Assassin’s Creed. Yes; it’s that bad.

  2. 3

    The only reason that I can see to disable embedding is if a video clip has protection under fair use by virtue of its description text on the YouTube page, but might not qualify in the way it is embedded on someone else’s page. Other than that very specific case, it doesn’t make sense at all.

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