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No, no, not that way. Telltale Games is going to offer a treasure trove of booty for a sixpence starting tomorrow, in honor of today’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Of course, with inflation, a sixpence is actually $4.95, and the “treasure trove” is actually the complete Tales of Monkey Island season, but it should still provide you with enough swashbuckling and grog to whet your appetite for adventure on the high seas.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that the adventure game genre has always been my favorite, when it comes to video games. The plots are usually outlandish, you’re usually expected to try to out-think the game designers in a crazily meta fashion, and many of them even include high replay value by virtue of great voice acting or multiple endings. While Monkey Island has never really had a branching story line, the meta puzzles — the ones that take your expectations of the point-and-click adventure game and put them on their ear — have never been as good as they are in this series. LucasArts picked the right people for the job when they trusted the Monkey Island franchise to Telltale, most famous for resurrecting Sam and Max and actually managing to turn the Homestar Runner gang into an enjoyable adventure series in Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People. (Yeah, I had a good deal of doubt the latter could actualy happen.)

One of my big concerns in having Telltale take over the franchise was, whether the existing material would be done justice. Watch the trailer for an idea of how in-tune with the original series the Telltale folks were.

So go grab the season while it’s dirt-cheap, if you’re not sure about whether you’d like it or not. Though it’s actually worth the full season price, there’s a hell of a lot less risk in getting it now.

Or is it more appropriate for a pirate such as yourself to engage in such risks?

Play Like a Pirate

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