Astrology on the radio, and Jamie Funk’s history purge

I just finished up a wonderful discussion on the astrology debunking post from last month, and the comments that ensued, on Minnesota Atheists Talk Radio. The blurb from their site:

Who says online arguments are worthless? All right, so it probably depends on what you’re arguing about and who you’re arguing with, but even arguing with a bunch of astrologers over whether there’s any proof for astrology can teach you something. If nothing else, it can teach you how not to construct a valid argument over scientific evidence. Join Jason Thibeault ( and Stephanie Zvan ( as they discuss what evidence there is for and against astrology, what evidence would be required to prove astrology, and what might happen if astrology were proven true.
The post that started it all: Deepwater Horizon foretold by astrology!!! (Well, post-told) (
The argument against astrology: If it smells like Funk, it must be astrology (
Some code showing how the Mars Effect actually works (
What if astrology WERE true? (
“Atheists Talk” is produced by The Minnesota Atheists.  August Berkshire is the director and Mike Haubrich is the host for today’s show.
Podcast Coming Soon!

I’ll be posting a link to the podcast mp3 as soon as it’s up, as it’s a bit hard to tell you exactly what we talked about this shortly after the program. Suffice it to say I was nervous as all get-out, and we ended up overrunning our time so I couldn’t close with a poem that I really really wanted to read on the air.

Heh. Yes. I was going to read a poem on the air. Someone over at Funk Astrology posted a poem dedicated to me that I really wanted to read out loud, because it’s obvious that RevJ, the author, will go down in history as a scribe of our times.

* RevJ
* August 3rd, 2010 6:03am

Any Canuck who tries to debunk
Jamie and Marina Funk…is a punk.
And probably drunk as a skunk,
with junk in his trunk, and needs his head shrunk.
Matter of fact, Imma call this Canuck a Canunck!

I would have even said “lollz”. It would have been a moment of unparalleled geekery on AM talk radio for years to come. Not that I didn’t geek out when August Berkshire, the director for the show and atheist speaker extraordinaire, e-mailed in a question that I had to answer on the fly.

I also wanted to note that Funk Astrology has moved to Dark Star Astrology. The old links are still active. Interestingly, Google shows that all of the posts involving me were migrated:

And yet, if you click on the top link, you get:

… a nice big 404 error! Looks like the post was deleted after the move. I’ve archived the post and comment thread on the original site, in case it ever disappears permanently. At which point, I’ll have to host the mirror locally and link to it on my astrology debunking posts, because I really hate it when people try to make their actions disappear down the memory hole. Intentionally causing internet bit-rot to cover up for your own errors is anathema to my philosophy of how the internet should work to better humankind.

Update: The show’s posted! Go listen.

Astrology on the radio, and Jamie Funk’s history purge