The ethics of the animal rights movement

DuWayne Brayton’s in the process of moving his blog to a self-hosted WordPress-based install, which is wonderful considering it gives him the option to host others should he choose. And in fact, he apparently wants to do exactly that — to develop his own cadre of science-based bloggers hosted off his platform. If I wasn’t paying for my own site, and if I was more of a science-based blogger, I’d consider helping him out with what little traffic I can draw.

However, I suspect he’s not going to have problems drawing traffic, given the targets at which he’s taken aim.

I am now heavy into the research for my paper on the AR extremist movement and can’t help but be very concerned and saddened by what I am finding.  At the moment, I am still rather stunned.  I actually had to take a break, because this just really blew me away.  A young man with a history of mental illness and suicide attempts, doused himself with gasoline and set fire to himself, outside a Portland, OR fur store, this past January.  It is clear from what I could gather that this young man wanted to die for what are likely many reasons.  There is no question that his suicide was not primarily motivated by his animal rights beliefs.

Yet the ALF pressoffice includes his story in their media links.  It can also be found on some other sites around the webs.  But what the local AR extremists did on the heels of this sad affair is unconscionable.

Now, after reading this, you probably need to know what could be more unconscionable than lighting yourself on fire! Go find out in part one of an ongoing series on the ethics, or lack thereof, in the animal rights movement.

The ethics of the animal rights movement
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    That would be social science oriented and that in very loose terms. Mainly I want to get some folks who drop fucking brilliant comments all around and get them to fucking blog. And maybe get some folks who don’t blog often, to move over and get on an aggregator that will push them more traffic.

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