Care Bears, stare!

There’s been talk of making a Fraggle Rock movie, and that the people responsible are retooling the script so as to make it “edgier”. Since Fraggle Rock was a big part of my childhood, I’d like to show you what happens when you take a piece of your childhood and try to update it to be “edgy”.


Hmm. Come to think of it, that almost seems worth it. While I’d prefer Fraggle Rock not get messed with, if it was done right, it WOULD make an epic underground action flick. I’m picturing Gobo diving sideways through a cave entrance with dual handguns blazing now.

Care Bears, stare!

4 thoughts on “Care Bears, stare!

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    I click on all sorts of links in Twitter and on RSS feeds, and I keep them in a Firefox extension called Too Many Tabs until I either lose interest in them or eventually find a use for them on my blog. I admit, with the honeymoon / vacation, I’ll probably not have much of a chance to keep my blog up to date, so I might be leaning on those older articles and Youtube videos.

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    Well, I’ll admit I’m behind the times because I’ve never gotten around to setting up RSS feeds, but there’s no fucking way I’m joining Twitter. I salute you for your persistence in trying to convince me, but it ain’t gonna happen. Bad enough I’m on Blogger now…

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    Well, so long as you already have a Google account, might as well make use of Google Reader. I just switched to it from Liferea, which was fine and all, but really wasn’t all that portable. At least that way you’ll have your most commonly visited websites all in one place.

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