Nothing’s Gonna Change Dan’s World

Dan J at Relatively Unrelated has updated his blog for the first time since being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. If for no other reason, check it out for the Beatles cover he posted.

Cancer isn’t ruining my life. Without treatment, I would certainly be getting very close to death. That didn’t happen. I’m getting very good treatment that has a proven record of beating the hell out of Hodgkin’s Disease. How good a record? I’m very lucky in that it’s over ninety percent successful. The ABVD chemotherapy regimen has been used against Hodgkin’s for over thirty years, and there really isn’t anything that’s proven to be better at it in most cases.

That’s science, people. That’s not prayer. That’s not mumbo-jumbo whispered by some shaman as he contacts his spirit animals to engage their assistance in curing me. It’s a science-based technique that is going to help me beat this disease, and will leave me much healthier than I was the day I went to the emergency room because of it.

If only every person saved by medical science understood what it was that saved them as acutely as Dan does. Glad to have you back in the fight, my friend. Nothing’s gonna change my world either.

Nothing’s Gonna Change Dan’s World
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2 thoughts on “Nothing’s Gonna Change Dan’s World

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    Many thanks for the shout-out, Jason! From day one of the diagnosis I’ve been considering why I haven’t broken down (Yes, there were some emotional moments), become depressed, come to dread chemotherapy, etc., in the way that I’ve heard and read about in many cases. I can only assume that it’s because I think I’ve approached it rationally. Oncology is an established science that is still growing and learning, as all branches of science do. I trust the results of that science, and I trust my oncologist.

    The song/video was serendipitous. Kudos to the audio engineer who left every intake of breath on the final track. Kudos to Fiona Apple for a beautiful voice and presence in the video. And finally, kudos to Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of the video. Absolutely beautiful work.

    The destruction and mayhem going on in the soda shop while Fiona blithely smiles and sings that she isn’t going to let anything change the world she lives in is perfect for how I’ve been feeling about the whole cancer thing.

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