Update on DanJ of Relatively Unrelated, Donation Link

His wife reports on Dan’s current status. And it’s not great news.

We got the results of the biopsy today. RelUnrelated has stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is not the news we wanted to hear, but at the same time I do not think it is as bad as it could be. It really isn’t. Hodgkin’s lymphoma appears to be one of the more treatable forms of cancer. The survival rate is at least 90% even in the later stages. Out of the 12 signs and symptoms that Wikipedia has listed in the article, he had 7 of these. Several of the signs were pointed out to the doctor and the doctor brushed it aside, saying it had nothing to do with his persistant illness

The silverest of silver linings though — at 75, then-Republican Senator Arlen Specter survived being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at Stage 4. He relapsed at 78, and has been through course after course of chemotherapy to return to cancer-free status in the past several years. He is in remission again, and has hopefully for him many years ahead of him to, despite now being a Democrat and a direct beneficiary of health care without paying for it, go on being an asshole about health care reform. So remission is very possible.

Now, my fear in this is that, being a senator, Specter had Cadillac health insurance. Dan decidedly does not. And the health care reform that the non-Social-Darwinists have been fighting so hard for, mostly only takes effect in 2012. This could bloody well bankrupt the Johnsons. So I’m taking it upon myself to post a link to a known-working donation link (I tested it myself!) — okay, Paypal does some very squirrelly things with links so try this button. If it doesn’t work, go to Relatively Unrelated and scroll down one page, the donate button is in the right bar.

Neither he nor his wife have asked for my plea, but we all know the reality of the situation. This is going to be tough. We should do what we can to help, because it is fundamental to our better natures as human beings.

Please. If you can spare it, send them something.

Update on DanJ of Relatively Unrelated, Donation Link
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16 thoughts on “Update on DanJ of Relatively Unrelated, Donation Link

  1. dv

    And you will surely “have [not] asked for my plea”, but in the aftermath of what we arranged in Ottawa, checking back on old forums I contributed to (even as unwelcome guest), here I see Sen. Specter’s mention — the fellow who was at the Congressional forefront on the counterpart hearings held in Washington to our own HESA ones in Ottawa Apr 27-29, on the dangers of wireless. And Hodgkin’s, well, it is linked as well to dangerous electromagnetic exposures. Time to pay attention to causes, wouldn’t you say?

    You and your readers must listen to (or read) the proceedings at those House of Commons Standing Committee on Health hearings we arranged — an attentive listener, especially to the 29th with world-leading researchers, must come away, as did the stunned MPs, with whom we are in frequent contact now, with a sober impression of the urgent need for correction and protection. If our politicians fail at this propitious moment… (I’m still cautiously pessimistic, for all our very hard volunteer efforts, but have to keep at it, even for the sake of beautiful atheists smitten by scientism).

    Meetings 12 & 13 (esp 13, esp Drs Panagopoulos & Goldsworthy & Johansson) accesible from fine Paliamentary webpages at
    http://www2.parl.gc.ca/CommitteeBusiness/CommitteeMeetings.aspx?Cmte=HESA&Language=E&Mode=1&Parl=40&Ses=3 — click on the audio icons or the larger “paper” icons. (Why do government webpages not work with tinyurl, is that blockable by them?)

    If you evince responsible interest, I can give you all kinds of topical updates, incl. on that farmer Levine, your mention of whose case attracted my unwelcome self to your pages…I can show you a list of recommendations MPs are considering, a Parliamentary press conference declaration, so much more…get with it dear people!

  2. 4

    Have you no shame? This is neither the time nor the place. I’ll get to you as soon as I can, via your very own blog post — in the meantime, befoul this thread no more. Fuckwit.

  3. dv

    Shame? What care “shame” when everything is jeopardized around you — get that, EVERYTHING WITH CELLS IN ITS BODY. One should think your afflicted friend ‘d have some satisfaction if this is the moment you & your followers turned around on these matters, at something actually topically having to do with helping him.

    Whether you see it that way or not, I can’t care, the cause is too great, but i say as a fellow lousy canuck, you & yours are ever welcome to ask for more.

    ck872 AT sympatico.ca
    416 xxx xxxx

  4. 6

    You are a horrid troll, despite your lack of anonymity, but still. Out of respect for your privacy, I’m editing out the phone number, because I have no idea who might decide it’s a good idea to call you up. I’m not the only person that will see these things, you know. That was a dumb thing to do.

  5. 7

    I call you a horrid troll because you’ve decided on your outcome and are selecting only the science that agrees with your decision, and because you’ve callously decided to scream for your unscientific postulates on a thread wherein I ask for donations for a close friend who has cancer himself. Please read this paper: http://caonline.amcancersoc.org/cgi/reprint/46/1/29.pdf

    From it:

    To date, no form of electromagnetic energy at frequency levels below those of ionizing radiation (x-rays) and ultraviolet radiation has been shown to cause cancer.

    Doesn’t matter though, because it goes on to cover the decades of research that have been done on the various hypotheses on how radiation that’s shorter-band than the visible light spectrum could possibly cause various forms of cancer.

    As for your “link”, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The only “link” articles I could find on the pro-electromagnetic-cancer woo sites you frequent (per your last trolling escapade) were for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This post explicitly states that Dan and Arlen Specter both have/had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. There’s a big difference.

    That inattention to detail is what leads me to believe that you’ve picked your side without evidence, and you’re going to scream about it from now til the end of time. Pull another stunt like this — e.g. hijacking a thread asking for donations, in order to proselytize your religion on MY front step — and you’re gone.

  6. 8

    You know, it occurs to me. This ties in to the money being spent on study after study on the efficacy of prayer. After so much scientific evidence has been amassed showing there’s absolutely no causative link between electromagnetic radiation below the UV level, and cancer, and no reason to think that hypothesis is anything but a lame duck, I can’t help but wonder if it’s the same mechanism leading people to assert a failed hypothesis repeatedly. I mean, look at how much prayer is used even though it does nothing. Look at how often electromagnetic radiation below the UV level is suggested as causing cancer. And yet no study has ever shown a real link. Outside of some extraordinarily small sample size ones. E.g., bad science.

    Yes, I’m smitten with science. Science helps prove you’re a morally repugnant person for espousing your dogmatically believed and unscientific postulates on a thread where you have no business doing so. That way I don’t feel bad calling you morally repugnant.

  7. 9

    Don’t worry, I’ll go away shortly — but what makes for troll and what for horrid, which does the the non-anonymity apply to?

    My phone number, whatever you say, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that it’s not because you want to trip up your readers’ research. The Parliamentary link is a good start — see what hapless hacks showed up for the industry side, or better yet, ignore them and go straight, say, to Dr P & Dr G’s testimony.

    But “dumb”? Duh, I put it there because I figured you’re “not the only person that will see these things”. Sorry, I’m throwing you off your game…

  8. 10

    oops..on another computer, didn’t notice the ID not picked up, so I’m anon. up there, the way it seems you like it…

    but, as i recall, you continue to be a (sad) laugh — tell me, does tobacco “cause” cancer?

    you seem utterly clueless about some philosophic basics, some public policy ones, and you’ve not even a god to cry out to for help…

    but you know, your attitude (and those you are defending esp. here) smacks of …the Inquisition! Really!

    a 1996 article he dredges up?! and what’s with the cancer focus — i must have dealt with that wrongful behaviour last time i was trolling under your bridges

    what’s with the Hodgkins this Hodgkins that — i made no claims about nuffin of the sort, just noticed the Specter Senate hearings coincidence, and with a universal environmental stressor, just about every single illness can be expected to be related to electromagnetic insult, some of course rather directly indeed

    brain surgeons cry out about ipsilateral brain cancer for cell users, and for you — no causality there — it seems proving Divine existence is easier! even the hapless Interphone study just trickling out shows one thing clearly — heavy use pulsed microwave near head, heavy cancer rate, and after only a decade or so, making it maybe the absolute worst cancer initiator of all time for shortness of latency period! nope, no causality (actually, i agree with you, but would you understand? — it has to do with misuse of that term ’cause’)

    i’m gone anyway soon from your front step (or was it bridge), busy convincing MPs to not make Canada the last to act, as you seem hell-bent on being the last to learn

  9. 11

    For what it is worth, sending positive thoughts for DanJ and his family, useful or not, they should know they are in my thoughts, wishing a speedy recovery.

  10. dv

    seems my dv id is not getting taken up, oh well, maybe i should put my phone number

    so, to close out for now, to your 3rd riposte — what a laugh again!

    long ago found out (mid-90s, I think Lai found)– no bad effect from emf/emr found in around 3/4 of 1000s of studies with industry connexion, yes bad effect in 3/4 of independent ones — tells you nothing, eh, gatekeeper?

    you should pay attention to what Dr Johansson said on the 29th about studies & studies

    btw don’t feel defensive for having been sucked into using the dangerous things, you all have been lied to & misled — time to turn it around

    looks like you’ll have last word, gotta go

  11. 13

    For what it’s worth, while I don’t think prayer itself is useful, telling people involved in the situation that you empathize and hope all turns out for the best is almost certainly useful. Thanks dude.

  12. 14

    Thanks Jason, I didn’t know you were going to do this until Dan showed me. I do appreciate the thought and the well wishes from everyone.

    It’s nice to know that trolls will pick up on anything to jump on. Sorry dude, wifi=cancer doesn’t real. Get over yourself. Fail troll is fail.

  13. dv

    don’t worry, i just unsubscribed to all trolling spots — you all are too much! exemplifying the suicidal senility of a culture, i have to spend time where it counts: we’ve woken up a number of MPs, some even admitting to dangerous electrosensitivity…wait a minute! i get it maybe — you have to be a skepto-kook atheismasmatic to not suffer the deleterious effects of RF exposure!
    that must be it, errrr, on 2nd thought (do you guys give 2nd thoughts?), the ones who admit to feeling nothing are the very ones who don’t know what hit them & loved ones when it hits…like, sad to say, Hodgkins, ALS, Alzheimers, infertility, autism, MS, & on & on , yes, for electromagnetic insult of all sorts

    but i’ll insult you wifi nuts no longer, you’ll have to ask lousyc. for my phone number/email if you wanna talk about repentance

    good riddance — i happen upon a gullible group and get called names yet give it a good shot to open some eyes and, well, i take my leave

  14. 16

    Wow, dv must have never met a real troll at all. He needs some troll boot camp. You haven’t been called names that I’ve seen, but if you want to be called names, I’ve got one of the foulest mouths you’ve ever seen on a woman, especially when you hijack something that Jason has done for a friend out of kindness. And that friend happens to be my husband you ignorant deluded twat. I’m being nice. This isn’t my house. And as for wi-fi causing my husband’s cancer, you need to get an education. A real one. Not a fail one from sites filled with woo and conspiracy propaganda.

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