Tyson on alien life

Gupta was maybe a bit more dismissive of the concept than I liked at first, and nobody really defended Hawking properly in my estimation, but Neil DeGrasse Tyson certainly set the record straight. This was an excellent explanation of the facts regarding the recent “shocking” revelation that Stephen Hawking believes any alien life capable of crossing the expanse of space is going to be so far ahead of us technology-wise that, should they be malevolent, we’re basically doomed.

Tyson on alien life

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    The possibilities of extraterrestrial life are fascinating, even though everything that we know about it for certain could be written on a blank piece of paper without any writing utensil. I personally don’t think that we can or should assume anything about extraterrestrial life, especially in something as complex and difficult to quantify as their possible motives and psychology. Speculating is almost irresistible for many people, though, including myself.

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