The Nexus of Religion and Political Talking Heads

Is there some kind of requirement I was unaware of, that states, if you’re a Republican-boosting political talking head, you absolutely have to have delusions of grandeur such that you believe you understand the mind of God? The mind of the deity that your fellow religious folks have postulated but thus far been unable to prove, yet you somehow have insight into what such a deity would consider right and wrong? It’s one thing to have Pat Robertson claim that Haiti’s earthquake was God’s retribution for them making a deal with the devil (by daring to oust their totalitarian French dictators and consigning themselves to poverty as penance), but it’s another thing entirely to make the claim Rush Limbaugh did recently:

You know, a couple of days after the health care bill had been signed into law Obama ran around all over the country saying, “Hey, you know, I’m looking around. The earth hadn’t opened up. There’s no Armageddon out there. The birds are still chirping.” I think the earth has opened up. God may have replied. This volcano in Iceland has grounded more airplanes — airspace has more affected — than even after 9/11 because of this plume, because of this ash cloud over Northern and Western Europe. At the Paris airport they’re telling people to head to the train station to catch trains out of France, and when people get to the train station they’re telling people, “There aren’t any seats until at least April 22nd,” basically a week from now. It’s got everybody in a shutdown. Earth has opened up. I don’t know whether it’s a rebirth or Armageddon. Hopefully it’s a rebirth, God speaking.

If God’s pissed about health care reform, he has abysmal aim. Iceland is nowhere near America. Hell, there’s the Yellowstone supervolcano that he could have used to blow the whole continent to smithereens if he wanted to. And if he absolutely needed a natural cause behind it — since God’s supposedly almighty and can supposedly create the universe ex nihilo, why’s he always got to use the scientifically predictable and demonstrably natural disaster route all the time? And how come he can’t just take credit for these supposed interventions, rather than leaving behind all sorts of evidence that, say, Haiti is on a tectonic fault, Iceland has volcanos, Katrina formed due to converging weather patterns, etc.?

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck evidently has his “The Plan” book dictated to him from The Big G Himself, who’s evidently a ghost writer while he’s not busy creating natural disasters to punish people for stuff that needs no punishment. Making Beck, technically, a prophet. Gag me.

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Beck and Limbaugh are very much respected figures in conservative political circles. And even more respected in the batshit insane wings of those circles. How are statements like these not peeling away moderate, religious conservatives from loyalty to them? The mind boggles.

The Nexus of Religion and Political Talking Heads
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4 thoughts on “The Nexus of Religion and Political Talking Heads

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    Perhaps Limbaugh is right about God’s wrath. Maybe God really hates healthcare and is just getting around to punishing countries now. Iceland has had healthcare for years, as has most of Europe. Us Canucks will have to wait to get our due….
    Side Question: What would be the most predictable natural disaster in Canada? Hurricane in N.S.? Red River flood in Man.? Another 4+ years of PM Stephen Harper?

  2. 3

    What would be the most predictable natural disaster in Canada?

    Oh for fucks sake, everybody knows that one – it’s mad fucking moose…Oh wait – you said natural?

    My bad – never mind…Pretend I didn’t say anything

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