Atheism and rationalism are different

As much as I agree with Bill Maher on there being no gods, and that organized religion itself is nothing but a sham that gives cover to evil men’s abuses, I’m well within my rights to disagree with him on the subject of vaccinations. The fact that he’s an atheist does not make him a rationalist automatically. So, when I watched this particular Atheist Experience video, I decided I absolutely had to post it.

The video also discusses the “conversion from atheism” arguments that come from so-called ex-atheists like Kirk Cameron. The point is, atheism is separate and distinct from skepticism and rationalism, and such rationalism is an ongoing process — it’s much harder to continue to scrutinize and analyze every claim than it is to let go of skepticism and go for the “easy answer”. And make no mistake — latching onto ideas presented to you without valid evidence (or mistaking invalid evidence for something more valid), is in fact the easy way out.

Atheism and rationalism are different

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